Which is Better an Exersaucer Or Walker?

Our babies grow so fast, one day they are a tiny little handful and they next, they are trying to stand and walk on their own. Often this is the time as parents we begin to ask ourselves should we get a walker or an exersaucer for our little loved ones. Having had this conversation recently I would like to share with you what I learned regarding this subject.

Which is Best for My Child?

When it comes these devices, let’s take some time to highlight any pros and cons that these devices have.


Exersaucers are stationary platforms that support your child in a standing position. Most are designed to allow your little one to spin up to 360 degrees to get a full view of their surroundings. Many Exersaucers have little activity centers build on the tray tops that surround the baby’s seat. These stationary entertainment devices allow your child to sit or stand while remaining in one place. Things to keep in mind with Exersaucers:

  • Exersaucers can provide your child with excellent short-term entertainment
  • Exersaucers prohibit the baby from seeing their feet and can promote “toe walking”
  • Exersaucers can delay children learning to walk by one or more months


With similar fabric sit and stand features that hold the child upright like saucers. Walkers also often have devices for your child to teeth on and entertain them as well. The key difference is that walkers are not stationary devices and your little one can with some effort learn to use the devices wheels to explore anywhere the walker will fit. When using walkers, you must be aware of the following things.

  • If not closely observed little ones can find many ways to injure themselves or worse
  • Walkers can delay your child learning to walk unassisted by one or more months
  • Walkers teach improper walking as your child learns to rely on the walker
  • Children learn to push and glide on their feet not rest their weight on them in a proper walking manner


As soon as I learned of the dangers of walkers over exersaucers it was clear what the better choice for my child is. In my research into walker related injuries here are just a few examples I read about.

  • Pinched fingers and toes
  • Falls down stairs
  • Falling into pools
  • Injuries from knocking things off shelves onto themselves
  • Stove related injury
  • Poisonings from access to cleaning products in cabinets

Thus, there is no question in my opinion which the better device is. Undoubtedly the exersaucer is the wiser safer option for any parent.