It’s a really great pleasure to introduce you to a sweet, patient and generous member of our mindfulness 4 mothers community: Nicole Bookman.

Nicole joined the mindfulness 4 mothers program and community right at the start of our journey and has been an enthusiastic supporter of our work ever since. She sent me a copy of the soothing book, Breathing with Baby she wrote for mothers to read with their babies and I could immediately sense the calm connection the book would support for mothers and their new babies.

Today I would like to share Nicole’s guest blog with you – and her offer to send one lucky mother a copy of her book – anywhere in the world!

To be entered in the draw for this gift, please leave a comment on our Facebook post, letting us know why you would recommend mindfulness to mothers. Now, here’s Nicole……

My life feels a bit like a cliche lately. I am the soon to be 40 year old mom doing my best to raise 2 kids while feeling both elated and depleted daily. I am eager to jump back into work but unsure about what to do and how much time to spend doing it. My daily structured mindfulness practice has fallen by the wayside, making it that much harder for me to ground myself when stressed. I am trying my damnedest to maintain my own emotional and physical wellbeing (I know very well how much this affects my kids!), without feeling selfish for doing so. Last but not least, my husband and I are in couples therapy trying to figure out how to move forward in our marriage after coming up for air last winter. I recently found myself singing the lyrics “It’s better to feel pain…then nothing at all” to my husband. Ha.

Without my structured mindfulness practice, what is helping me stay present, connected, and sane during all of the joy, stress, and existential anxiety that has surfaced over the past year? Exercise, friends, and time alone! When these are not an option, the calming words in Breathing with Baby really help.

Breathing with Baby was born early one morning, years ago, before I was a mother. I thought – “What is the one thing parents could do easily and daily with their kids to help ease stress and build connection? Read a book.” I jotted down a short mindfulness meditation tailored to parents and titled it Breathing with Baby.

Fast forward 6 years and 2 kids later. I return to the words in Breathing with Baby over and over to help me better manage myself while parenting my little guys. Simply paying attention to our breath can bring us back to the present moment and reconnect us with ourselves and our kids. Especially in the most challenging situations. When we are able to come back to our breath, the scent of our child, or the beat of our own heart, we can ease stress and redirect our energy into a more productive, compassionate, and loving place. The simple phrases in Breathing with Baby support this hard work and I do my best to practice them daily.

I am excited to bring Breathing with Baby and other mindfulness resources to parents everywhere. I am very grateful to have found Mindfulness4Mothers (& Children), in particular. Mindfulness4Mothers truly understands the role mindfulness can play in helping build healthy parent/child relationships to fuel the soul and provide a sense of peace and wellbeing, for both mothers and kids. I find the knowledge sharing and daily reminders so helpful and inspiring, especially on days when things are very tough!

Thank you, Kellie, for building an invaluable network of experts we can access anytime, anywhere, sharing your knowledge and passion with moms everywhere, and creating such a grounding and supportive global community.

Nicole Bookman

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