Last night my husband came home with some extra gifts for our children. Chickens. Not for us, but for families for whom chickens are a lasting source of nutrition and income.

This reminded me that the girls and I were yet to complete the 3 gratitude generating Christmas ideas we had talked about. I only have one day left so I will keep this brief. If you want to read more about the value of acitvities like this, click here for my blog on how kindness and gratitude go together for brain changing well-being…..


1: Gratitude Placemats for each person to complete and share – Zoe filled hers in while we were testing our idea










2: The money box I have always wanted them to have – inspired by this post here:!activity-pack/c12ka

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 6.40.04 am








3: and the Thank You Notes I am giving them before they receive gifts, so they can express their appreciation for the generosity others show towards them when the excitement dies down….. it will be a great literacy activity too!












Wishing you and your family every happiness this Christmas.

In warmth and friendship,